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Shocktober Pay-it-forward Award Promotion


Pay-it-forward Award Promotion^ for Shocktober – Adopt-A-Defib’s thanks to you if your recommendation to a business, club or school across Australia results in successful purchase-placement of our affordable, not-for-profit Defib packages. 

$50.00 plus + 2 x small lightweight plastic first aid kits with a selection of useful items needed for very minor injuries. Small and compact, it fits conveniently into bags and cases to have on hand every day for personal use. TGA Approved.

Plus + 1 x CPR keyring face mask. The pouch can easily fit in pockets, first aid kits, wallets, handbags and on keyrings. Provides protection to the user during CPR. Pink for the ladies ¦ black for the guys.

Please share and help us to create AED awareness and receive this pay-it-forward incentive award in recognition for being part of a successful placement. Adopt a proactive approach rather than reactive to save lives.

All our AED packages include; leading brand HeartSine Defibrillator with steel wall cabinet, children pads, wall signage, prep kit + more; for full details and costs please visit

Remember to supply your name and email address to the business,club or school so we know who to contact if your recommendation results in a successful placement.

^Adopt-A-Defib is a not-for-profit initiative supporting businesses, clubs and schools by making public access Defibrillators affordable,clearly visible and easily accessible for an all inclusive price. Servicing only Australia with the focus of deploying lifesaving Automated External Defibrillators throughout our communities. Therefore thank you for your understanding to the following conditions regarding our Shocktober promotion:

© Shocktober offer available until promotion stocks last.

© $50 payment made by EFT to nominated Australian bank account.

© Shipping of promotional items within Australia only.

© Promotion available within Australia awarded only on the business, club or school’s receipt & satisfaction of the Adopt-A-Defib AED package and not before.

© Apologies but offer is not in conjunction with the NSW Office of Sport Defib Grant Program.

© Name and email address must be supplied to Adopt-A-Defib by business, club or school of the person making AED recommendation.

© Only 1 promo offer per successful recommendation.

SLS Australian Events Safety Services Rescue Bandage for Trauma Kits


I was delighted as an Authorised Distributor to supply Surf Life Saving Australian Events Safety Services Rescue Bandage TQ for their new ‘Trauma Kits’

Rescue Bandage TQ Inflatable Tourniquet is a unique lifesaving device, easy to use and highly effective – when time counts – Stop the Bleed.

The Trauma kit’s ‘centrepiece’ Rescue Bandage Inflatable Tourniquet is 100% Waterproof - Quickest Deployment Time – Portable – Durable.

Its compact design is perfect for 4×4, Boating, Mining, ATV,Construction and Outdoor Recreation – every First Aid kit needs the Rescue Bandage!

Wish to know more?



NSW SPORT DEFIBRILLATOR GRANT PROGRAM: Adopt-A-Defib’s dedicated webpage provides details about our great value AED package inclusions. For further details please visit Adopt-A-Defib's dedicated website page 

This program provides sporting clubs across NSW the opportunity to acquire an affordable Automated External Defibrillator (AED) package including a face-to-face familiarisation session or choose an accredited course for the same price.

Eligible clubs such as incorporated, not-for-profit grassroots sports clubs in NSW can select Allens Training RTO 90909 with Adopt-A-Defib from the panel of NSW Government Approved Providers to purchase an AED Packaged Service.

Our all inclusive packages are also available to support other ineligible NSW sporting clubs as well as sports clubs across Australia. Available to everyone making it the norm – rather than the exception – to survive Cardiac Arrest.

Exciting times ahead for us both as well as all sporting clubs across NSW.

Sudden Cardiac Arrest is indiscriminate as to age, race or gender. A little reckless bravery may end up saving someone’s life!

Affordable AED's Adopt-A-Defib Not-For-Profit Initiative


Adopt-A-Defib not-for-profit initiative, making AED’s affordable and visible in your workplace. For $2,190 this is what you will receive for your business, club or school.

Our Fully Automatic Defib package comes with: 

- HeartSine Samaritan® Fully Automatic Defibrillator with CPR Coaching (8 year warranty) 

- Shock Proof Carry Case

- Steel Wall Cabinet with AED Approved Signage 

- Adult PAD Pak,

- Paediatric PAD Pakor can be traded for a spare Adult PAD-Pak™

- AED Premium Prep Kit

- AED Wall Angle Bracket ARC Approved Signage

- A3 HeartSine CPR & AED Wall Chart

- Online Downloadable CPR & HeartSine PAD 360P Short Training Video

- Free access to SaverEVO Windows-based Data Software

- Access to Forward Hearts® (Free Electrode & Battery PAD-Pak™ / Free Survivor’s Pay-It-Forward Defib)

 - Free Courier Shipping across Australia with Insurance & Tracking

 - Adopt-A-Defib’s HeartSafe award for your Business, Club or School 

For further details please visit our dedicated website 




RESCUE BANDAGE TQ INFLATABLE TOURNIQUET - is a unique life saving device, easy to use and highly effective – when time counts – Stop the Bleed.

Its compact design is perfect for 4×4, boating, mining, ATV, construction and outdoor recreation – every First Aid kit needs the Rescue Bandage!

Simply ‘slide and wrap’ the Rescue Bandage around the limb above the bleeding wound, the velcro restraint secures the Rescue Bandage in place – as you pump the inflation bulb the bladder system compresses the underlying blood vessels to stop the bleed.

Tourniquets save lives. Clinical data supports the use of tourniquets in a civilian setting.

I am proud to be associated with the Founder of Rescue Bandage TQ, my colleague Terry Urquhart ALS1 Certified Paramedic "In 26 years of Paramedicine I have never found an effective easy to use product that anybody can use in an emergency to stop blood loss, that’s why I invented the Rescue Bandage - Stop The Bleed"

For further details, explainer video and cost please see


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